Friday, 8 April 2016

Week 6 Reflection

Hello and good day. This is week 6 and the class was conducted by Dr Khalid which will be about the principles of media. Dr Khalid asked us about our opinion and knowledge on this topic which has a lot of feedback from us then he showed us 2 videos that during the class.

The first video was about travel vlog using action camera which involve a lot of movement for that video. The main purpose of this is because he wanted to show us how to insert the suitable song for the video which was exciting to see.

This is the link of the 1st video that he showed us

The second video that was made by Dr Khalid himself and it was his holiday with his family in Death Valley, USA which was beautiful and lovely to see

After watching the video, Dr Khalid ask our opinion on the video and share our opinion in front of the class. The next activity was interesting which involves us editing some video with the guide of Dr. Khalid to compile in some songs in the video that we choose to edit. Dr Khalid share his knowledge on where to get mp3 format which is Listen to Youtube that directly convert song video to mp3 format and download it which I was surprise and still use till this day. I thank Dr Khalid for this amazing guide. The second application that Dr Khalid told is Audacity and it is free to download and use which is helpful in this activity. This was an amazing and interesting activity by Dr Khalid.

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