Thursday, 7 April 2016

WEEK 5 Reflection Edu Tech

This class was conducted by Dr Fariza and it is unfortunate that I was unable to attend it because I had to go back to my home town which is Sarawak because there was one of family member's wedding so my flight was on this day but I obtain the information needed that was conducted for the class from my friends and was very helpful and delighted to help me out. 

I learned that the topic on this day was about traditional media which was the old school way of obtaining knowledge that consist of the radio, television or even newspaper. The traditional way can be more reliable because nowadays there are lots of media we can use but few gives the right message or the correct one to the audience. I had some experience with these and most of my teachers back then didn't use different type of media. But most generation nowadays may find it boring because they will be more attracted to the new media and will be able to deliver the message more effectively such as using video, sounds, slide show and more type of media. I also heard that there was a presentation for each group on this topic and it was unfortunate that I had missed it.

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