Thursday, 10 March 2016

Week 2 Reflection Educational Technology

Week 2 Reflection (2nd Class)

This is the second class which will be handle by Dr Fariza on 4th March (Friday). She also introduce one of the lecturer that will also be with us for the course that is Dr. Khalid.

Dr.Fariza briefly explain on this course and the importance of reflection that will give lots of marks and explain in depth how to make a good reflection in the power point slides. She further explain on making the best reflections for our references. She also told us that we can use different type of media to make our reflection for example, Blogger, Wordpress, Weebly and many more that we can use and I decided to use blogger because it is more convenient and I had experience using this media.

Our reflections need to be done every week for each class for this course and Dr. Fariza gave a good tip on doing reflection that will help us. I am looking forward for the next class for this subject and it will be interesting.

Dr. Fariza also told us on our field trip for this class and wants us to decide where to go for this field trip. I am excited for this field trip and hope for the best.

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