Thursday, 10 March 2016

Week 1 Reflection

Educational Technology 1st's Class

This is a reflection for this subject which is the first class of this semester and the subject looks interesting. To be honest, I was absent for the first class due to going for a trip to Cameron Highlands so I asked few of my classmate that attend the first class and I was able to do the first week reflection thanks to them.

During the first class, our lecturer introduce and did an ice breaking session with the class. She then explain the basics of the course to them and also introduce padlet to introduce our self there. We also need to register our account in MOOC and join the course of Educational Technology to be updated for our class activities and to post our URL for our reflections every week.

I am looking forward for this class and learn a lot more about technologies which can help me in the future. This class will be exciting and interesting. 

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