Saturday, 4 June 2016

WEEK 14 Reflection Edutechnovation Day!

The day has come for our final video presentation and it is on 3rd June 2016 which is Edutechnovation Day!
My group are given as the logistic department for this program. The tentative for the program:

8.30am: Students and lecturers arrival
9.00am: The event started (video presentation)
11.30am: Break (multimedia presentation, assesment)
12.00pm: Prize giving ceremony

The presentation were all interesting and wonderful because all of the groups are doing their best. All of the video are exciting to watch with different creativity. 
My group was voted as 3rd place for the competition and I am very thankful for that. We would like to thank to all the lecturer for giving guide and support for the video. Thanks to Dr Fariza, Dr Khalid and Dr Rosseni. This has been the best class ever. We are very lucky to have these lecturers to guide and give the best support.

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